Group Exercise Classes

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We have a wide range of group exercise classes at our Leisure Centres which are all led by qualified professional instructors.

Group exercise classes are perfect for staying healthy with friends or meeting new people.

There is something to suit all ages and abilities with more traditional style classes being offered:

  • Legs, Bums & Tums
  • Aquafit

For customers looking for a more relaxing class, Yoga, Pilates and BodyBalance would be a good choice.

Dawn Holding

Studio Coordinator


Classes are a FUN way to exercise with friends or make new ones. You'll find all the details and how to book here.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

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Opening Times

Gym - Monday – Friday - 6:30am – 9:45pm

Gym - Saturday & Sunday - 7am – 5:45pm

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Tides Leisure Centre Group Exercise Programme

Class Descriptions


High intensity interval training that follows a specific format.

Body Conditioning

It's a whole body workout that can improve your overall fitness, get you in great shape and feel better about your body. Some classes use weights and/or resistance bands or other equipment. 

Fitness Pilates

Fitness Pilates is a modern, research based group fitness class created for the apparently healthy adult. It is neither remedial, clinical nor is it designed for rehabilitation. Fitness Pilates utilises all of the core principles and includes many of the mat exercises found in traditional Pilates, but offers modifications, diversification and updated exercise prescription to provide a controlled body conditioning program appropriate for the general public. 


A fast-paced, but easy to follow class that will give you simple but high-intensity exercises to increase your fitness and endurance levels. 

Exercise and Stretch

Ideal for the more mature customers. Improves general fitness with simple routines and exercises.


Boxercise is a sport based aerobic instructor led exercise to keep the participant fit, but does not involve actually hitting anyone (or being hit). Boxercise classes can vary, both in content and target group.

Some are heavily influenced by traditional boxing exercises; some are based around kick boxing while others take the form of circuit training.


This is the Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates workout that builds flexibility and strength, leaving you feeling calm and centred.


This is an energetic class inspired by Martial Arts to give you a high cardio workout. 


You will work multiple muscle groups developing strength and endurance. This is a total body workout challenging your entire body. 

Leg, Bums & Tums

These classes concentrate on those three key areas of your body using exercises that tone, sculpt and burn calories. So, if you want great-looking legs, a firmer bum and a tighter tum, aim to attend this class two to three times a week.


This class is a great combination of dance and aerobics. It's simple, easy to follow and calorie burning. Dancefit is set to great music that'll make it hard not to dance and have fun. 


A ‘thinking person’s workout’. A body conditioning and postural alignment technique used to develop a strong, centred and balanced body.


Improve muscle tone, flexibility, strength and stamina. Stimulate immune system, improve circulation, reduce stress and tension. Create well-being and calm.


An aerobic workout in the pool to challenge your cardiovascular system and build muscle tone to improve overall fitness.


This high-energy interval class combines aerobic movements with strength exercises which will improve general endurance and burn a lot of calories. 

Balls & Bands

This class will use resistance bands and small Pilates balls to challenge your stability, core strength and give you a total body workout. 

Tai Chi

A moving from of Yoga, breathing and meditation combined.

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