About Swim School

Pupils Assessment

We understand that children progress at different rates and therefore Your Swim School lessons are based on continual individual assessment allowing for pupils to develop and progress at their own level.

Your Swim School teachers use devices on poolside to complete registers, be alerted of medical conditions and complete assessments on each student. Swimming teachers update the devices regularly to keep a track of each pupil's achievements which can be viewed by parents through the 'Your Swim School Portal'. 

You will also receive email alerts when your child is ready to take the next step. You will be able to view the availability of class through the Your Swim School Home Portal and move your child into the next stage.

It is also vital that medical conditions are kept up to date so that the teacher can be made aware of any changes. If your child has a medical condition or circumstance change, please see our reception team who will update their details.

If you need help in getting started with 'Your Swim School Portal', please see a member of customer service team.

Swim 21 Accredited

Swim21 is the ASA's aquatic quality mark for the development of effective, ethical and sustainable ASA affiliated programmes. Swim21 accreditation means pools are dedicated to creating the best possible swimming experience for all.

Swim21 ensured accredited provider consistently deliver high quality, safe, effective, child-friendly services for the benefit of their swimmers and non-swimming members. It's about putting the swimmers first and ensuring young learners follow the pathway the ASA recognizes for training and competition.

Swim21 is a fantastic achievement for our swim school. It is a quality assurance mark that sets ourselves apart from other swim schools in the area and proves we work towards constantly bettering our programme.

Our focus will always remain on quality that drives customer expectations and staff development. It is your guarantee of quality provision for your child and underpins our philosophy.

“We promise to deliver quality lessons that will enable our students to learn to swim in a fun, appropriate, safe environment in accordance with best practice principles set out by the swim 21 process”.

Need A Little More Help?

Private swimming lessons are a good way of speeding up your child's progress and are available at each of our Centre's.

Private lessons usually give fast results due to being an intense 30 minute lesson so are ideal for those wanting fast results. By having one to one lessons the student gets individual attention and can have each lesson tailored to their needs. When having two-to-one lessons it is important that the two swimmers are of a similar ability.

Once your child has completed Stage 7 of Your Swim School they are ready for the next exciting steps in their swimming journey. This can take a range of options from continuing with the National Plan for Teaching Swimming contact reception for more details.